Frontend Development: Become a Frontend Developer

Categories: Design, Development, JavaScript
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Frontend Development: Become a Frontend Developer

About Course

Frontend Development Training

Frontend development is a web technology, which provides a complete UI solution to the end user. The main user-friendly aspects of UI development are like website look, speed, and behavior. A UI developer is responsible for both website design and development. As this is the highest paid job in the current market let’s dive into UI development

Our trainers will help you with many samples HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes based on different real-time scenarios. We customize our Web Designing course to suit each and every student in a unique way. Our Web Designing course curriculum includes all the major topics such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Angular and lot more. We can straightaway hit Angular or React topics if you are already good at HTML CSS and JavaScript. To make you proficient in Web Designing, we give Web Designing tutorial sessions and make you strong in the web application development.

Our Front-end Web Development Training focused on Job Oriented with full of Practical Sessions rather than boring theory. Get Hands-on training on Basic & Advance level Concepts.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn how to structure, code, and launch your very own website from scratch
  • Learn the essential JavaScript skills developers need to add interactivity and compelling features to websites
  • Learn how to develop a website by using frontend framework
  • Learn all the functionalities of a good web design
  • Get practice installing Git, creating code repositories, and sharing your code with other developers.

Course Content

Getting Started with Angular

  • Building Blocks of Web Application Development
  • Web Application Architecture
  • Introduction to Angular
  • Comparison between front-end tools
  • Angular Architecture
  • Building blocks of Angular
  • Angular Installation
  • Angular CLI
  • Angular CLI commands
  • Angular Modules
  • Understanding files in Angular
  • Installation of Node.js, Angular CLI and Visual Studio Code
  • Creating First Angular Application

Angular Components and Data Binding

Directives and Pipes in Angular

Angular Services and Dependency Injection

Angular Routes and Navigation

Handling Forms in Angular

Validating Angular Forms

Authentication with JWT and Security in Angular

Testing and Application Deployment in Angular

In-Class Angular Project