Dot Net: Become a Dot Net Developer

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Dot Net: Become a Dot Net Developer

About Course

Dot Net Training

Dot Net is a programming framework developed by Microsoft that makes it easier and more efficient for developers to help programmers. Developers used the Dot .NET package to create programs for Windows to access databases, web services and other communication tools.

Students well versed in advanced .NET training can go in the field of web applications, window applications and mobile applications development, since these applications are used to develop desktop apps, web apps, etc. Hence the scope for career growth after completing advanced .NET training is immense in India and abroad.

What Will You Learn?

  • Complete understanding of the core concepts of .NET
  • Understanding of the Overview of .Net Framework, Class Library, Memory units and Number systems
  • C# Programming Concepts, C# Object Oriented Programming, along with Introduction to Web Technologies
  • SQL Server / T-SQL Programming, ADO.Net Concepts, and ASP.Net Concepts
  • Learn about Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), and .Net MVC

Course Content

Introduction to .Net

  • What is Microsoft .NET
  • History of .NET
  • Origin of .NET
  • Usages of .Net
  • D.N.A. Architecture
  • Dot NET Architecture and Its Types
  • How to work with IDE on Visual studio and their Tools
  • Implement of Adding numbers on IDE

The Common Language Runtime (C.L.R)

Syntax & Data Types

Function and Its Types

Array & String

Array & String

Oops Concepts


Encapsulation and (Boxing and Unboxing)

Evaluation of Static Keyword

Abstraction and Interface


Exception Handling

Delegates and Its Type



Collection Classes

I/O Operations with File Systems



Disconnected Architecture

Datagridview & Data Binding

Three Tiers Architecture


Microsoft Sql Server


Clustered and Non Clustered Index in Sql Server

SQL Server Triggers

Cursor and Indexer

Web Designing Contents HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

Cascading Style Sheet



ASP .Net Introduction to Web Form

Server Pages Using ASP.Net

Understanding Page Life Cycle

Web Form Control

Server Control Form Validation

Master Pages

State Management

ASP.Net Caching

Data Binding Server Controls


ASP.Net Web Security

Web Services



Entity Frame Work

Windows Communication Foundation (W.C.F.)

Windows Presentation Foundation (W.P.F.)